Thai Currency

When you travel in Thailand. Beside credit cards, we only accept Thai money.
Thai money is in 2 units, “Baht” and “Satang”.
100 Satang = 1 Baht (บาท)
You will find “Baht” in paper or coin but “Satang” is only coin.

Satang Coins in Market: (about actual size)
Front – 25 Satang Back – 25 Satang
Front – 50 Satang Back – 50 Satang

Note: We call 25 Satang as “Saleng”, So 4 Saleng = 1 Baht.
1 Satang is very small indeed! Think of 1 Baht, you can get 1 Candy at local shop. So Satang is nothing, even you have 10,000 satang coins to buy something for 10 baht, the seller might ask you to go to the bank and trade the Satang coins into Baht first!
Satang coin works as change in shopping malls or some buses that belong to the government.

Baht in Market:
COINS: in Baht 1-2-5-10 Baht
1 Baht 2 Baht 5 Baht
10 Baht(Front – Back)Our money has no English
available, but Arabic Number
can help you know for its value.Just try to spot Thai words
บาท = Baht
สตางค์ = Satang

Banknote: 20-50-100-500 and 1,000 Baht.
The 1000 baht is the maximum banknote available in Thailand.

20 Baht


50 Baht


100 Baht


500 Baht


1000 Baht


All our money has a picture of King Rama IX (the present King) on the front, the other side can be a picture of our past Kings or Temple or our culture.
To spot a fake note, please visit:
Note: if you see Thai merchants selling Money on the street, that is for collection.

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