Thai Weather

If you have visited my blog and read about the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha’s costumes. You will see that Thailand has only 3 seasons, summer, Rainy and Winter.

But if you are Western, you will find that our country has only 2 seasons, Wet and Dry Seasons.If there is no rain, it’s hot!

Anyway, we do have 3 seasons in Thailand.


Summer starts from mid of February to mid of May.The hottest time is in April, and you will see that we have Songkran holiday that ‘why we throw water on each other.

The rainy season starts about mid of May to mid of October.The North will have more rain during August – September, the South will have more rain during October – November (maybe until December).

The winter starts about mid of October to mid of February.The North will be more cold than other parts of Thailand. It’s very famous for Thai people to go up the North and see flower frost.This is amazing for us…as we don’t have snow in Thailand (The south has no winter time!)

Here are some average temperatures in the year in Thailand.

NOTE: Winter Rainy Summer
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Celsius Max 29 32 34 36 34 34 32 31 31 31 30 28
  Min 13 14 17 22 23 23 23 23 23 21 19 15
Fahrenheit Max 84.2 89.6 93.2 96.8 93.2 93.2 89.6 87.8 87.8 87.8 86 82.4
  Min 55.4 57.2 62.6 71.6 73.4 73.4 73.4 73.4 73.4 69.8 66.2 59

Add hat, sunglass and umbrella in your packing list when you travel in Thailand.

But all of those things will be sold in Tourism area if you forget or don’t wantto take them with you!


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