Maldives at Lily Beach Resort & Spa (3/3)

Something more about Lily Beach Resort & Spa, food, showing , diving, feeding and sum up!

This would be the easiest part for this trip, because  we would like to show you about food and extra stuff at Lily Beach Resort & Spa…

From the resort map,  there are 4 places you can eat.  Lily Maa is the main buffet restaurant, and it’s all free but under service hours, Tamarind is an optional  chargeable restaurant, for our stay we got to eat a free food set at Tamarind one night.  Aqua Bar& Infinity pool is another option for pool lunch & drink (in case we missed free lunch at Lily maa).  We loved the cocktails at the Spirit Bar & Lounge, even it’s free of charge but I can’t get too much alcohol, it will ruin all my trip here!

We never known that there were so many guest on this island until the eating time!

Start at Lily Maa , food was varied, unbelievable how huge variety to choose from…

Smoked salmon, hams, many different kinds of honey, egg station, some Chinese Dimsum….

Dinner, every night has its theme, we planned to not miss the seafood night!!!

They also provided fresh cooking stands!  I loved the sushi stand for dinner, but Tim loved the eggs stand for his breakfast.  Some of them, we had no idea about it, but we pointed and tried everything LOL.

When I was eating,  I saw Tim stopped eating before I finished my food.  I asked him, are you fulled?  He said, No but I saved some space for some sweets!

The deserts looked like they made from the magic wand! Because they’re not just the sweet things but they all looked really good and cute!!!

If I’m not mention about the ice-creams, Tim would mad at me!  If you can tell me what favor that you’re looking for and they don’t have, I think you are insane!

For all healthy concern guest, you can skip the deserts for fruits instead.  But I don’t know what’s type of person I am,  I can’t skip the desert , neither fruits!

If you don’t sure how fresh the already cut fruits, you can pick  the one your like and they will cut for you OMG!

The food is 100% quality!!! Each morning, lunch and dinner you can always expect the best of the best.  (I wish I can wake up with food like this at home!)

As I mentioned that we got a night to eat at Tamarind, the restaurant was absolutely amazing decorations.  We looked at the theme of the nights at Lily maa and choose one that we’re interested and see if they could arrange a Tamarind on that night for us.

Food at Tamarind was a fusion between Asian and Indian but now the menu is mostly Indian for me (as I’m an Asian) and the food looked nice but certainly no better than what you get at Lily Maa.  I think if I had to pay at this restaurant, I would NOT go for it.

Not just food that keep us entertaining!  But they also provided the cultural shows for each night.
Very interesting….

The feeding time is at 9pm every night.  We never get bored with it, it’s fun to see stingrays and very large fishes jumped over for feeding. It’s pretty dark to see how big those fish but it made a big wave and  sound when they jumped and fighted for feeding!

I think this can be the highlight for this resort!

Diving Center at Lily Beach Resort & Spa…

We did try to dive with Lily Diving Center, the package is about $100 each included all equipment for diver.  They set up one day for pre-dive to practice with us, it’s nice because it’s the first time after I got the diving license!

The diving day was tough for me, Tim enjoyed diving with the big cliff under 10-18 meters deep.  But I was  unpleasant, I was floating away and the dive master tried to bend my knees in the right position (so I wouldn’t go up to the water surface).  It was awkward, I can’t get any good pictures and I felt too pressure!

It was good for Tim, but I might need to get more diving experiences before I went to dive in Maldives!

Well, it looks like I’m doing an advertisement for Lily but I really paid the full amount for this trip!!!

If you are looking for an “All Inclusive” resort in Maldives, then Lily beach is the recommended.  It may be a little more expensive (the most expensive trip for us ever!) but you can pretty much control your budget for the whole fantastic trip.  My friend was surprised when they checked-out at their resort which is in-comprehensive.

To sum up about what we liked about Lily Beach, our water Villa, food, view, the staff make this resort, they really do, every single one of them, they are just so friendly and so attentive to your needs that once you visit

Remember,  it’s One Resort – One Island in Maldives, if you choose the wrong resort, you are not in Maldives!

We will be back the Lily Beach soon…Right Tim?  LOL



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