Mountain Flight – Nepal (Must do)

บินชมยอดเขาหิมาลัย ภาษาไทย คลิกที่นี่ค่ะ

Visiting Nepal? Don’t miss a chance to get up close to the Himalaya Mountains!
The Himalayan range is home to some of the planet’s highest peaks, including mount Everest which stands 8,848 meters (29,771 Ft) above sea level.

Everest is also popular for trekking tourists – at least you could say “I climbed Everest”, even if you didn’t make it to the top!!! Everest and the other peaks of the Himalayas are so beautiful, and the trekkers would like it here.

But today, I will fly over the Himalayas!!!

The Himalayas cross five countries: Bhutan, India, Pakistan, China, and Nepal!
But we will stay out of China’s air space for this trip and fly over the Nepal part only. But even in just this part of the Himalayas – there are more than 20 peaks that we will see today, including Everest!!!

The airline provided a brochure that lists the names of the mountains for us (as below – example).

The fare costs us $182 each and our tour company booked this for us and provided a car for the round trip from Hotel to airport as well. This is the same price that is listed online (Yeti Air), so I’m guessing that the travel agent got a discount since there was no mark-up and we got the car for free!

The tour company also recommended that we fly at 7 in the morning. He told us that it would not be too busy at the airport in the morning and it’s a beautiful time to see the mountain!

It’s kind of insane (for my vacation) but a beautiful time to get up at 5 and be ready at 5.45 in the morning – and it’s very cold!!!
The mountain flight is a Domestic flight – remember that you have to pay for the airport tax first at 200 RS (Left picture) and take the airport tax receipt with your to check in at the Airline counter…
The day before today, the tour guide told us that the flight is always delayed…So I kind of had my fingers crossed that we’d be on time.  Well, that last they called us to board at 7.15, just 15 minutes late… Not bad!!!

Today there are about 18 people (included us) in the same airplane.
And everybody will get to sit by the window!!!
Even though this is a small plane there is still an air-hostess to take care and be a guide for all the mountains that we are going to see (Left Picture). We even got complementary sweet hard candy on board!!! (Right picture)

The air-hostess gave some information about the route that we will take to see the mountains. First, the passenger in LEFT row will see the mountains, and on the return it will be the passenger in the RIGHT row.

I mean, we will take turns to see the mountains out our window wherever we sit!

Unlucky me!!! I sat by the wing!!! So it’s very hard to take the picture or I mean my picture of mountain is filled with the plane wing!!!

But it was cool that the air-hostess allowed us to go to see the mountain view from the pilots view – one at the time. And I just found out the all best view is in here!!! I guess it’s a good idea for the pilots to see where they are going… But they see this view every day and I’ll bet that they forget how beautiful it really is…

The pictures of mountain look all the same but actually, different mountains!

As we flew over each mountain, the air-hostess told us the names.
Wow! She’s got a good memory
, but how do I really know… She could have told me it was Kilauea, or Mount Rainier and I would have shook my head up and down!!! I guess we gotta trust her!

Everybody enjoyed taking photos… But guess what? It’s more beautiful to see it with your own eyes…

Let’s talk something about Yeti, because so many people believe that the Himalayas is home for this snow man or big foot!
Yeti is very popular thing in this town – There are so many signs, restaurant, and souvenirs with the YETI picture around the town (even our flight is with YETI Airlines!!!).
No one can confirm that there are YETI in this world – but well, I didn’t see any when I flew over the mountains, and I looked hard!

But come to think of it… I didn’t see any Yak either!

I was expecting to see yak around Nepal but was disappointed! NO YAK in this town at all!!! Yak lives up in the mountains – not in the city. But Yak is also a popular sign or picture just like the YETI in town. You can find a nice t-shirt with YAK YAK YAK and it’s really cute!!!

Back to our flight…
It took about 35-40 minutes to fly over the mountains.  At the end of the trip, the air-hostess gave all passengers a certificate that you flew over the Himalayas, the world’s highest mountain.
She is also selling the EVEREST book at $20…it’s a nice book, easy to read but it’s a copy right so I don’t have any excerpts…

Done for the mountain flight at 8am (something like that)…we headed back to have a (free) breakfast in the Hotel before getting ready for another half day trip to DAKSHINKALI to visit Hinduism and Buddhism temples…

Dakshinkali Temple or Dakshin Kali Temple, located 22 kilometres outside Kathmandu City – it took about 30-35 mins to get there from Shangri-La Hotel.

is one of the main temples of Nepal dedicated to the goddess Kali. Animal sacrifices, particularly of cockerels and uncastrated male goats, are the main way that the goddess is worshipped.

It’s a little hard to climb up to MATA, the men temple but don’t miss it!

It’s interesting spot – and I got BINDIS (red dot on the forehead), . This is Hindu traditional style.  The old lady asked me for 50 rupees for this lucky dot, try it!

On the way from Dakshinkali Temple, just about 1 Km away, we stopped at the mountain temple which the cave.  There are about 5 tour guides offerred me to the trip to the mountain for lucky flags – which cost $25 !!!

These guys who worked for all 11 rolls of flags!!!

Done for the day! – So much fun to fly over TOP of the WORLD!!!

Summary cost for today:
Yeti air ticket $182 each
Airport tax 200 Rupees or $2.5 each
Tour package for today $60 or 1800 THB / 2 pax (ONLY driver and his car)
Tips for  the driver ($10)
Totally the minimum cost for today is $220 or 6,585 THB per person


Date travelling: 24 Dec 2012

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