The Wild Night Market “Patpong”, Bangkok

“Tom Tom! Where you go last night? I love Muang Thai, I like Patpong…”

This is the famous song called “Welcome To Thailand” by Caraboa and it’s about teasing the foreigner for where they like to go in Bangkok.  And it seems like most of foreigners like to go to PATPONG…

Patpong has many shows featuring women doing stunts in the nude, and a night shopping destination as well…

To get to Patpong by BTS, you have to take the Silom line, and get off at Sala Deang Station, exit “1”, walking passed soi 2, and Patpong soi will be on your right…

There are so many shops for t-shirts, souvenirs, Thai decorations and sex toys!!!

Some products here are not the best quality and prices of most items sold are about as much as a touristy spot will allow!

Remember not to be fooled by first impressions, and to bargain hard!

When you walk thru the shops, there will be someone trying to sell you the show, and the most favorite one is the “Ping Pong Show”…

Ping Pong Show???

Let’s say…even me (Thai), they tried to sell the show and drink at 200 baht but once you got inside, the show was 200 baht but another 100 baht for the drink!

And everybody had to get the drink!

The show is at your own risk as you will have no idea for what you are about to see inside the curtains. They didn’t allow me to take pictures inside even though they said I could before we stepped inside (cheaters)!

My first Ping Pong show was awful, the show ladies look like they are all over 50 years old.

So the show wasn’t that sexy for us at all, but it was kind of scary! During the show, some girls in bikinis tried to massage us for aggressive tips (always ask for 100 baht only!)

The place is kind of stinky! They have many crazy shows, like Ping Pong Show, English Writing Skill (Don’t write down your name if they ask to join the show!), Tissues (Watch out if you sit in front of them!), dart, etc.  But we can’t stay for all the shows – I don’t think we can stay even to finish our one drink!

I didn’t mean that Patpong is not a good place, some of them have a really good live music, so come to Patpong to dance and drink… Skip the show and stay away from the shopping…

But if you walk deeper in Soi Patpong, it’s gay pubs!!!

Patpong is best known for the open air night market, good to walk at night but don’t trust anyone over there…

By the way, remember that BTS operates until midnight, be aware that Taxis and Tuk tuks that sit at the end of the soi charge really high prices (if you let them). If you need to ride with them, make sure that Taxi runs with meter and the Tuk Tuk is charging a reasonable price!

Trick or Treat, it’s on your choice at Patpong!

Note: 7 September 2013

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5 thoughts on “The Wild Night Market “Patpong”, Bangkok

  1. IF I can change something about Thailand…I think I know where I should start with 😉

  2. The article helps a lot I’ve been there and really the bars touts and other agents are morons here never ever visit them they don’t speak a bit English give u 1000bahy bill shout at u finally there is no option u have to pay guys believe us be very careful in Bangkok the people are not helpful

  3. Its a place of cheaters, all the clubs in silom, a guy bumped into me and said “looking is free, pay only for beer 60 TBH per bottle”
    I went, took a beer, stayed for around 10 minuts, there were newd girls (unexpected) doing crazy things like throwing balls from their pussies towards customers, writing something on paper with a pen in their pussies etc… all old women, they even tried to convince for blowjob and “boomboom” as they call it, however, i just had a small beer and asked for the bill. The bill was 2500 THB, fucking hell. I only had 2100 THB in my pocket, when i asked how come such a fat bill while beer, as i was told, for 60 THB. They dont speak comprehensive english, so you cant argue, they started shouting and threatening, i had to pay 2000 THB for nothing. And even that guy disappeared who took me there. Worst experience. They even refused to give me bill. All tahiland experince was turned into a cheating nightmare.

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